Built and backed by Māori language and user experience experts for organisations and businesses of Aotearoa New Zealand. ReoAko and our team are here to support you.

Seamless onboarding process
Curated library with definitions
Request new words as you need them
System status and help centre

Ngā mahi a ReoAko māu

How ReoAko works for you

Delivering your Māori language strategy with ReoAko

ReoAko is designed to work in harmony with your Māori language strategy, growing with your organisational capability and content needs.

Request new words as you need them

Easily request new words as you need them through our help centre. Māori language experts check requests before being added to the library. Better still, all new words become available to all ReoAko users – you too can help grow our collective vocabulary.

Curated library with definitions

Definitions are provided in the CMS so [@kaupapa]kaupapa[@kaupapa] editors can be confident they are selecting the correct kupu.

He mea hanga mō tō Pou Tiaki Reo

Built for your Language Advisor

We strongly recommend that you engage with a [$data-reoako-id=pou-tiaki-reo]Pou Tiaki Reo[$data-reoako-id] throughout the process of adding ReoAko to your website.

A Pou Tiaki Reo can assist with:

  • Ensuring you choose the correct kupu for its context
  • Spelling and grammar are correct in te reo Māori
  • Upholding tikanga, and cultural customs 
  • Iwi and hapū dialects are taken into account
  • Providing an in-depth understanding behind any decisions made.

You might have a te reo Māori advisor already in your staff or a contact you can rely on. If not, Te Taura Whiri i te Reo have a list of licensed translators who could assist you as the Pou Tiaki Reo for ReoAko.  

Your Pou Tiaki Reo might also be able to help you write your ReoAko language plan and your Reo Māori strategy.

ReoAko me tō rautaki reo Māori

ReoAko and your Māori language plan

We recommend that everyone write a Māori language plan for ReoAko. This might already exist in broader reo Māori strategies in your organisation. However, it is good practice to consider what goals you want to achieve through ReoAko.

Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori have created step by step guidance and templates to help you write your Māori language plan. You can find these resources in the Language planning advice section of their website.

This plan is designed to support the implementation of te reo Māori on your website and the goals you want to get out of it. This should feed into your organisation’s larger te reo Māori strategy and should be something that you review frequently.

Tautoko ā-hangarau

Technical support

Easy implementation for developers

Comprehensive documentation is available to help your developers get ReoAko operational with minimal effort.

System status

An up-to-the-moment system report confirms the operational status of the ReoAko API and plugin. Feel confident that ReoAko is functioning as it should and aids with any troubleshooting that may occur.

Informed about changes

The ReoAko plugins are regularly updated to ensure they remain secure, continue to perform well and as new features are added. Each release comes with a change log that keeps you informed by explaining the updates in detail.